Introduce an external oversight system to ensure that all suspects are treated in accordance with their legal rights

It is in the best interest of the Nigeria Police Force to ensure that all suspects detained and brought to a police station are treated in accordance with their legal rights, their human rights (as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution) and with due regard for their welfare.

Some Nigerian citizens believe that once a suspect is taken to a police station, they may be subjected to ill treatment by police and denied their legal rights. While there may be examples of such abuses, this public perception has a damaging effect on police and community relations and the image of a police station being a safe place to go for assistance. 

The introduction of procedures that serve to protect the legal rights of suspected persons, while allowing external scrutiny of the conditions and legality in which people are detained, will help to improve and change public perceptions. It will also afford protection of a citizen’s legal rights and treatment while in police custody.

You can download the how to guide below. We hope you find it useful.