Young girl learning in school ©

British Council

April 2023

Kano Education Volunteers (KEV) – a local civil society organisations (CSO) – has been working to increase access to education in Kano state, where over one million children are not in school. 

The Agents for Citizen-driven Transformation (ACT) programme provided capacity development support and a grant to KEV to implement a plan to reduce the number of out-of-school children in its immediate communities. The CSO targeted the Takoke, Gandu, Minkyau, Muncika, and Rimin Kebe communities in the Ungogo local government area. In these communities, schools are located in far distances or lack facilities to keep girls and disabled children in school. 

KEV carried out house-to-house sensitisation about the value of educating girls and people with disabilities. It also paid advocacy visits to key education stakeholders to enable decision makers to review the plights of out-of-school children and to make commitments towards addressing the problem. 

This case study illustrates the importance of stakeholder engagement and mobilisation in addressing education challenges. It shows how CSOs can make a difference in their communities through strategic and consistent advocacy. The case study is a useful learning tool for mobilising stakeholders to act towards achieving a specific goal or objective. 

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