Children at learning centre established by Pastoral Resolve ©


January 2024

UNICEF reports that 10.5 million children in Nigeria are deprived of education, many of whom are internally displaced refugees. These children do not attend schools and reside in makeshift camps that lack major facilities and educational opportunities. 

Pastoral Resolve (PARE) is a local civil society organisation working to expand access to education for out-of-school children in Adamawa state. With a grant from ACT, PARE embarked on a project to provide education opportunities for children in the Song and Mboi districts.

The CSO rolled out a community sensitisation and advocacy programme to raise awareness of the benefits of education, and how it can contribute to inclusive development and the amicable resolution of conflicts. PARE also worked to expand access to education through the establishment of learning centres in the local community. 

This case study demonstrates the contribution of CSOs to sustainable and peaceful communities by providing access to education for children not in school. 

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