CSOs participating in a training session delivered by Cloneshouse ©

British Council

February 2024

A key strategy of the ACT programme is to support capacity development providers (CDPs). These partners – CSOs, training institutions, consultancies – receive grants from ACT to design and deliver tailor-made learning solutions for CSOs.

Cloneshouse is a for-profit consulting firm that works in the area of monitoring, evaluation and learning. Through its partnership with ACT as a CDP, Cloneshouse designed a new CSO learning tool, called ‘CSO Prep’. It is targeted at strengthening the institutional capacity of CSOs to undertake ‘praxis,’ a cycle of reflection and action that results in learning. 

This case study illustrates how ACT CDPs are working to acquire new knowledge and skills, empowering them to advocate for change. It emphasises how enhanced internal and external organisational capacity enables CDPs to make substantial contributions to the development of CSOs. 

Learn more and download the case study below.