Policeman talking to shopkeeper

Nick Cavanagh/J4A

Introduce a divisional intellegence unit 

In Nigeria, policing has traditionally been focused on responding to calls from the public. There is now a more urgent need to be proactive against crime and criminals. If the police are to be more effective in preventing and detecting crime in communities, they must understand the nature, causes and locations where crime and other incidents most frequently occur, and record information to assist proper analysis.

A divisional intelligence unit with dedicated officers appointed to undertake the recording and analysis of intelligence can greatly assist. It can help transform policing services from a reactive to a proactive model of policing. This will be not only enable the police to be more effective in delivering accountable services to communities, but also build citizen trust in the police in their ability to fight crime and keep communities safe and secure.

You can download the how to guide below. We hope you find it useful.