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July 2022

The Agents for Citizen-Driven Transformation (ACT) programme has initiated peer learning platforms to enhance the culture of lesson sharing and collaboration amongst civil society partners. Following the launch of the platform in Edo state in February 2022, there is evidence that it is helping to enhance the ability of CSOs to work together. 

Twenty CSOs were selected to support their capacity for system strengthening and collaboration. The selection was based on a needs assessment conducted in 2020. One of the approaches adopted by the programme to address identified capacity gaps was to encourage and support CSO groups (of not more than six members) to work collaboratively in their location. The CSO groups meet every four to six weeks to share knowledge on performance or challenges to generate new ways of performing better or addressing challenges as organisations.

The use of the peer learning platform (aka PLP) is becoming a strong practice among CSO partners as they see the benefits of discussing issues as peers. The CSOs have taken ownership of the process with little technical support from the ACT programme. In addition, individual CSOs no longer work in isolation but have grown to trust one another due to the opportunities provided through the platforms. 

Peer influencing is another positive result. At least 12 CSOs in Edo state have been influenced to register for and receive certificates from the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML), which is responsible for the supervision, monitoring, and regulation of non-financial institutions. Similarly, 16 CSO partners are now registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. 

“The peer learning sessions have been of immense benefit. We have learned how to get our tax clearance through idea sharing with a sister CSO.”

Dr Chinedu Samuel, Executive Director, Initiative for the Development of the Next Generation