Training workshop for traditional leaders ©

Justice for All Nigeria

May 2019

The Managing Conflict in Nigeria (MCN) Programme is delivering a capacity building programme for traditional rulers across its three focal states. A series of workshops have been delivered for traditional rulers on alternative dispute resolution, mediation, conflict management, record management, civil and Sharia/customary law, human rights law, and family law. 

Improved coordination

The workshops bring together traditional rulers and stakeholders from the justice and security sectors. The purpose is to enhance collaboration in dispute resolution and the administration of justice, amongst traditional rulers, security agencies, magistrates, and civil society practitioners. It also provides an opportunity to discuss issues affecting collaboration and jointly identify solutions to address them. 


To ensure the sustainability of the initiative, mentors have been trained to cascade learnings to other traditional rulers. The role of the mentors is crucial in ensuring the application and replication of the knowledge and skills acquired.

Case management

Scribes have been trained in keeping records of the disputes resolved by traditional rulers. Traditional authorities can now collate information on the number and category of disputes resolved and undertake measures to systematically address recurrent sources of conflict. MCN has supported the establishment of record keeping centres to lead this effort. 

Getting results

As at May 2019, over 1,404 traditional rulers have been trained. Over 1,409 cases have been handled and 88 per cent have been successfully resolved. 

'The training has provided us with knowledge on how to serve our people better and avoid costly mistakes in dispute resolution…’