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Chris Morgan/British Council

June 2022

The Adamawa State Governor has inaugurated the State Steering Committee for the implementation of the Adamawa State Anti-Corruption Strategy (ADSACS). The strategy was developed with support from the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC) Programme and adopted in January 2018.

The objective was to put in place a system that promotes an increased alignment of private and public interest. The aim is to strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency, and synergy of the institutions, laws, and measures designed by the state to prevent and combat corruption, as well as to engage the public more actively in the process.

To implement the strategy, the Governor appointed the following representatives as members of the committee: four Commissioners, the Adamawa State Head of Civil Service, a member of the House of Assembly, and a representative of the Office of the Secretary to the State Government. The committee was officially inaugurated in April 2022 and is headed by the Adamawa State Head of Civil Service. Its functions include:

  • Conducting public engagements to sensitise and create awareness on ADSACS activities
  • Organising a conference for all ADSACS Implementing Units (IUs) to review the activities of the previous year and map out strategies for improved performance
  • Establishing reward and sanctions system
  • Approving all action/implementation plans, budgets and proposals of ministries departments and agencies
  • Establishing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) committee.

Prior to the inauguration of the committee - and with support from RoLAC - the state successfully established IUs in 47 MDAs with over 120 members, and M&E committee with 17 members. Training was also delivered for 11 staff of the ADSAC secretariat. 

“Getting our ministries, departments and agencies to implement the strategy has increased transparency, accountability, and integrity in our government.” 

Bashir Ahmed, Secretary, Adamawa State Government