ACT is working with CSOs to become effective drivers of change. ©

Nick Cavanagh/British Council

January 2022

The Agents for Citizen-driven Transformation (ACT) programme is working to strengthen the system of CSOs, networks and coalitions to improve their internal, external and programmatic capabilities. A key area of support has been focused on grant writing and building stronger donor relations. 

The trainings are starting to bear fruit for some CSOs who have recently been successful with grant applications. Here are some examples:

The Youth and Environmental Development Association (YEDA) is benefiting from a grant from the ACT programme to empower youths in Kano state. The project will provide economic empowerment for youths through TVET training for 67 youth aged 18-35 years of age (both male and female). Beneficiaries will include youth who are out-of-school, unemployed, migrants, persons with disabilities, widows, divorcees, caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children, and single parents. The project intends to contribute to reducing poverty, hunger, economic inequalities, and gender-based violence, promoting domestic/communal peace, access to education, nutrition, shelter, and livelihoods. 

Smile Africa International Youth Development Initiative (SAIYDI) recently won a grant worth US$20,000 from ISDAO (Sankofa Initiative of West Africa) – a foreign donor agency working on youth development and human rights issues – for a one-year project to address access to justice and legal empowerment for people who use drugs. SAIYDI helps young people discover their potential by making informed contributions to the society. Their work aims to liberate youth from social vices that manifest from the use of drugs and narcotics.

“The ACT programme has lit up our pathways to development. It has empowered our passion and zeal with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve our full potential.” 

Comrade Purpose Iserhienrhien, Executive Director, SAIYDI

New Century Initiative (NCI) is a youth led, community-based development organisation in Enugu state. It was founded to intervene in the social, economic and political development of young people. NCI was successfully awarded a grant from the Voice Global Fund to implement the “Speak Up, Stand Out (SUSO)” programme in Nkanu East (LGA). SUSO works to empower young people to participate meaningfully in the socio-political development of communities. The programme strives to maximise digital platforms to amplify the voices of youth and develop campaigns on issues that affect them.