Community policing plays a crucial role in northeastern Nigeria ©

Justice for All Nigeria

The Managing Conflict in Nigeria (MCN) Programme is working with various community-based mechanisms to promote conflict management, reconciliation and stability in communities in three focal states.

Community accountability forums

Community accountability forums (CAFs) have been established to enhance relations between security service providers and members of the public. Leaders ot the forums from Girei and Mubi LGAs in Adamawa, Jere and Mafa LGAs in Borno State; and Bade and Geidam LGAs in Yobe State have recently benefited from trainings, facilitated by the CLEEN Foundation. The workshops focused on CAF objectives and mandates, the roles and responsibilities of the steering committees, forum facilitation techniques, advocacy techniques, and human rights. Participants learned how to promote harmonious relations between members of the public and security agencies; how to coordinate early warnings and responses; and how to foster mutual accountability between the community and security agencies. 

Voluntary policing sector groups

Voluntary policing sector groups (VPS) belong to different vigilante and hunter groups that provide security in their communities. VPS leaders in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States recently participated in the ‘train-the-trainers’ workshops delivered by the CLEEN Foundation. The training focused on basic policing skills and crime scene management; human rights and their roles in protecting rights of persons, including suspects; conflict management techniques; and organisational management. Leaders were empowered via a step-down model to deliver the training to their members under the guidance of the state-based mentors. 

Getting results

As at January 2019, 73 CAF leaders were trained in conflict prevention and management. A further 72 leaders of 32 VPS groups benefited from training on community policing. As at March 2019, a further 355 members of VPS groups benefited from the cascade training model on community policing.

'Issues discussed on the violation of human rights have really changed my mindset. I will always protect the rights of everyone.'

‘Unknowingly, I have been doing the wrong thing when called upon to settle conflicts and make unlawful arrests. This training has really changed my attitude about how to solve conflict among disputing parties.’ 

'Before the training, I thought women didn't have rights. This training has given me an insight on how to protect women.’