COVID-19 information materials (in English and local languages) disseminated in communities ©


March 2020

Platforms supported by the Managing Conflict in Nigeria (MCN) Programme are mobilising quickly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. 


Community peace and safety partnerships (CPSP) are dialogue platforms that highlight local security concerns and jointly identify solutions that focus on community resilience and social cohesion. Established with MCN support, the platforms are made up of security agencies, community leaders, and civil society organisations.

The CPSP in Mayo Belwa in Adamawa state shifted its focus to quickly to address concerns raised regarding the spread of COVID-19 in the community. With MCN support, the CPSP immediately hosted a meeting with religious leaders. The aim was to raise awareness about the virus, how to prevent it, how to monitor those coming in and out of the community, and to encourage the local production of handsoap to meet the increased demand. The religious leaders agreed to cascade the information to their communities. 

Information, education and communication materials were produced quickly (in English and local languages) and disseminated in communities. The materials focus on COVID-19 symptoms, preventative measures, and how to refer cases to local health authorities. 


The Community Engagement and Social Development Initiative - a local CSO implementing a women’s economic empowerment programme with MCN support - has also leveraged its platform with key women groups to share handbills disseminating information in local languages on the symptoms and how to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in Yobe and Borno states.

Feedback received to date indicates that there is growing awareness of COVID-19 in communities and citizens are taking measures to prevent the rapid transmission of the virus.

'I and 15 other village heads are now better informed about COVID-19 as a result of the awareness session organised by the CPSP. Following that, I hosted a meeting with my ward heads to discuss how to prevent the transmission and spread of COVID-19 in our area.'

Alhaji Ibrahim Jauro, Village Head, Mayo Belwa, Adamawa state

'The CPSP shared information on symptoms, preventive measures, and how to refer cases of COVID-19. I shared this knowledge with my colleagues and we have commenced several church activities, including house-to-house sensitization on how to prevent the spread of the virus.'

Pastor Amos Joshua, Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Mayo Belwa, Adamawa state