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September 2021

The Agents for Citizen-driven Transformation (ACT) programme launched a peer learning platform for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Rivers state. The launch was held in Port Harcourt and attended by 35 representatives from 19 CSOs, including networks, coalitions, and community-based organisations. 

Participants were introduced to two concepts of peer learning: (1) the Benchmarking Club – a platform for likeminded CSOs to discuss their strengths in different areas, share best practices and, through mutual support, seek to increase their levels of performance or set benchmarks in the sector; and (2) the Action Learning Set – a participatory platform to support members in finding practical ways to address organisational challenges and to support learning and development. The process encourages insightful questioning to help the participant decide what actions to take. The CSOs were guided through a mock session of both concepts. 

At the launch event, four peer learning groups were formed, and each group developed a roadmap for subsequent engagements. Excited by the growth opportunities offered by the platform, the participants acknowledged the uniqueness of this capacity development support, as it offers greater synergy amongst CSOs for sustainable impact.  

The initiative augments ACT’s capacity strengthening support for CSOs. With participatory trainings for CSOs, ACT understands that expertise exists within the CSO sector and establishing a standard peer-to-peer learning platform for experience sharing will lead to long-term change for sustainable development.