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J4A/Chris Morgan

June 2021

The Directors of Public Prosecution (DPPs) in Anambra, Edo and Kano states have committed to implementing ongoing reforms in the criminal justice sector. These commitments were made after the Directors participated in a 4-day study tour organised by RoLAC in partnership with the office of the DPP in Lagos state. 

The tour included the DPPs of the three states, their deputies, and a representative from the Federal Justice Sector Reform Coordinating Committee. It was an opportunity to observe and learn from measures implemented by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice to improve trial advocacy, time management, case management, and turnover. The tour also provided insights on the case filtering project and the plea bargain process. 

The initiative highlighted the synergies between the Lagos State Ministry of Justice and its parastatals, which facilitate case referrals among themselves and with other relevant government agencies. The case referral system helps the ministry, courts, police, and the Nigerian Correctional Service manage their caseloads. 

The tour was hosted by the Lagos State DPP, Mrs Adeyemi, who together with her management team (comprising heads of the District Prosecutors Unit, Plea Bargain Committee, Sexual Offences Committee, and Witness Support Team) introduced the work of the department. The visiting DPPs also met with the Honourable Attorney-General of Lagos State, Mr Moyosore Onigbanjo SAN, heads of some parastatals under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, the Office of the Public Defender, Citizens’ Rights Department, and the Citizens’ Mediation Centre. 

“We learned a lot from the DPP in Lagos state. We have already started implementing some of the gains at the Department for Public Prosecutions in Edo state.” 

Stella Okojie, Director for Public Prosecution, Edo state