Nigerian CSOs at ACT event ©

British Council

July 2023

In Enugu state, a group of CSOs – partnering with ACT – have taken on the responsibility of advocating for the harmonisation of the regulation of CSOs in the state. 

For a long time, the ACT programme has been working to create a more enabling regulatory environment for CSOs in Nigeria and has supported the development of platforms, such as the CSO regulatory platform to help CSOs comply with government regulations towards a harmonised regulatory process. 

A team of 32 CSO representatives in Enugu state met virtually to express their commitment to ensuring the continuity and sustainability of ACT activities, including the harmonisation of the regulation of CSOs at the state level. 

To achieve this, a seven-man steering committee was set up to mobilise for the support and commitment of other non-partner CSOs in the state. Membership was drawn from the Idikacho Women in Governance; the Institute for Growth and 

Development; the Women Information Network; the Development Strategy Centre; the New Century Initiative; the Global Health Awareness and Research Foundation; and the New Life Community Care Initiative. 

The team pledged to work together to achieve these objectives and requested further engagements to enable them to reflect on the issues and its benefits; have a clear and shared understanding of the initiative; agree on strategies; identify more people and stakeholders to be engaged; and stay focused. 

“It is necessary for the state government to begin providing a law that gives the registration of CSOs a legal backing. Benue is the only state in Nigeria that has legal backing for CSO operations at the state level.” 

Dr Cosmas Ohaka, Managing Partner, Development Strategy Centre