Community members discuss security issues ©

British Council/Chris Morgan

September 2021

The Managing Conflict in Nigeria (MCN) programme is working to facilitate conflict management initiatives in communities. The programme has supported the establishment of community peace and safety partnerships (CPSP) - community dialogue platforms - to highlight security concerns and jointly identify solutions that focus on community resilience and social cohesion. The platforms are made up of security agencies, community leaders, and civil society organisations.

In Adamawa State, the CPSP in Mayo Belwa intervened to secure the removal of a roadblock that prevented the movement of persons through the Gorobi community. The roadblock was mounted by people of the Yandang ethnic group to prevent the spill-over of violence between the Bwatiye and Fulani ethnic groups. 

The ethnic violence, which occurred between March 2019 and November 2020, led to the death of 10 persons. The people of Gorobi mounted the roadblock to prevent any person who is not from the Yandang ethnic group from passing through their community. The roadblock generated tensions between the Yandang ethnic group and their neighbours in Adamawa and Taraba states. It also caused serious hardship as it affected the movement of goods and services.  

The CPSP engaged different stakeholders to resolve the crisis, including the National Union of Road Transport Workers, the Mayo Belwa Local Government Council, traditional rulers, and town development associations in the area. 

Following the engagements, the CPSP influenced the Chairman of the Local Government Council to convene a meeting of all communities and groups affected by the roadblock. Participants at the meeting agreed to end hostilities and remove the roadblock. 

The agreed resolution has been implemented and the roadblock has been removed. People, goods and services are once again moving freely with no reports of any security incidents.  

“The intervention of the CPSP led to the end of hardship and prevented the outbreak of a major religious conflict in the local government area.”

Bamanga Misa, Chairman, NURTW, Mayo Belwa LGA