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British Council

February 2023

The Agents for Citizen-driven Transformation (ACT) Programme works has launched an e-learning platform for CSOs.

The Civic Action Platform is a one-stop learning portal for CSOs, researchers, and other relevant stakeholders. It was developed in response to the demand for a sustainable, effective, and operational learning platform for Nigeria’s civil society sector. 

According to a needs assessment of the sector, CSOs in Nigeria are lacking the capacity required for effective operations and long-term sustainability. The new platform enables CSOs to learn at their own pace, and set a new standard for the organisation at a low cost. Courses focus on financial management, procedures, and fundraising; proposal writing, social research and analysis; advocacy and a right-based approach; gender, and social inclusion.

The aim is that the new e-learning platform will help CSOs function more effectively. CSOs will be empowered to increase their visibility, strengthen their ability to demand and lead change, and sustain their operations so they can function without limitations. 

The platform is a collaborative effort between ACT and civil society groups who are experts in various fields and locations, to raise awareness, mobilise support for the activities of CSOs, and increase the ability of civil society groups to take sustainable action.

To learn more, visit www.civicactionlearning.org